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Let's Get Moving - Resources I Love [PART 1]

I hope you find my earlier blog post on the 7 hacks to get you moving useful!

In this post, I will be sharing all the resources in the last 2 years and hope that you can find something from here that might work for you.

These are just things that work well for me at some point in time and not all the time throughout the 2 years. There were some hits and misses, or activities that didn't really motivate me much at first but really work well for me now and vice versa. Rule of the thumb is - listen to your body.

Switch off that nagging and judging dialogue in our brain and really, listen to your body. Yes, our brain and body are separate entities. Over the years, I have come to realise the voice in my head does not know any better. It's like a very nosy colleague who wants to poke its business into everything you are doing and constantly giving you unsolicited advice. The funny thing is, we often don't recognise that what our mind tells us does not reflect reality. It's job is simply to keep me safe and more often than not, it might not be doing these in the best interest of my body or what I really like. And we are not obliged to follow everything it says.

We have a choice.

So, don't be fooled!

Go go go!


What Works For Me

1. Down Dog Yoga App

I signed up for the paid version of this Yoga app last year and never looked back.

You can adjust the level that suits you and the moves are often varied using their database of poses. If you are looking for something that is entry level and still have the flexibility of working your way up to more advanced levels, this is the app for you.

I could adjust the duration, difficulty level, type of practice and even the voice of the guide.

I could get used to the various names of the poses (which could be quite intimidating for first-timers) before joining any physical yoga classes.

Remember my Hack #3 in my 7 Hacks To Get You Moving post?

I just started off with 5 minutes at the most novice level and gradually increase my duration from there. It is so ridiculously doable that there is no way you can NOT do, unless it was a deliberate choice.

Check out the website here


With the paid version of Down Dog, I get to access the paid versions of the other apps. They are HITT, Barre, Meditation, Running and Prenatal Yoga. When I need a quick HITT workout for get my heartrate pumping, I'll go to this app.

With similar features like Down Dog, you get to choose the type of workout, difficulty level, duration and voice of the guide you like.

I don't really like HITT cardio workouts like these because I find them too dry so I don't really use this app as often as my Down Dog.

Again, the trick is to use Hack #3 - just set 5 minutes timer and do what you can within that time frame.

Break it down to the simplest form so that there is no way you can run away from it.

3. Just Dance

My preferred cardio workouts must have good and strong music. So, if I want some cardio workout at home, I will use Just Dance.

This is one of my favourite resources which I mentioned in my Week 2 review post and my daughters and I enjoy a good workout dancing to this app.

Just Dance is actually a dancing game and I signed up for the paid version last December for my daughters and decided to not waste it and use it for my cardio workout instead.

Works really well for me! I usually go for around 3 - 4 songs to get my intense and sweat dripping exercises.

How To Set Up?

You will need 2 devices:

1 device is for the "dance room" to setup where you get to view the dance steps. It could be your iPad, tablet, computer or TV that has internet or Chromecast. Make sure it has a good size for viewing of the moves. I wouldn't encourage using a smartphone for this.

How the interface looks on my computer

Then, you need the other device which is your smart phone, to connect to the room. It will be your game controller/ joystick to detect your dance movements.

Launching the app on my smartphone