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5AM Club: 66 Days Challenge [Week 2 Review]

End of another 5 days of the 5am Club and here is a consolidation of my thoughts for Week 2 [Day 5 - 10] of my 66 Days challenge.

The surprise for me this week was my teenage daughter wanting to join me in this challenge for the June holidays. Hers is an adapted version called the 6am Club - simply coz I need my hour of solitude so that we don't fight for toilet and exercise space 😂

After her mid-year exams, I encouraged her to read the 5am Club so that she can be inspired to spend her days with more intent. After all,


I didn't realise this until I am in my 40s - I hope my girls will have a head start to design their lives: be an architect of their lives rather than a passive audience.

“Living the same week a few thousand times and calling it a life. I need to tell you that too many among us die at thirty and are buried at eighty.”



I have to admit being more flexible with the waking hours in the June holidays 😂

It's really hard to sleep earlier (by 10pm) during the holiday period and I cut myself some slack and decided to wake up around 5.30am and still go through the 3 pockets of 20/20/20.

Pocket #1 - MOVE

It's harder to go to the gym now that the kids are at home everyday. I still do my yoga daily but try to add in more dance cardio fitness to have a variety of exercises. I am also inspired to start my own middle split challenge and started exercise routines (will share more in my upcoming resources post) to work on this new goal: to do a full middle split by the end of the year!

At this point, I also hope I can do a full front split and a handstand!

But, let's not get too ambitious - one step at a time!

For my teenage daughter, she prefers doing dance cardio than yoga. We use the same resources for dance cardio and I will be also sharing them in the upcoming post too.

Pocket #2 - REFLECT

Still a very important step in my day not just for planning and reflections but also for brain dumping. You know those days when you have so many cluttered thoughts blocking your brain and writing them out just gives you so much more clarity than keeping them trapped in your head.

I can this the brain konmari 😂

While this brain dump does not solve any problem, it helps me to put things in perspective and help me realise that a lot of anxieties are just self-inflicted problems. The issue on hand is actually much smaller and simpler than what my brain is tricking me to think.

Pocket #3 - GROW

I am still slowly reading "In Love with the World" by Mingyur Rinpoche. Since there is no rush in the morning in the June holidays, I spend more time than usual to read.


[Overall Reflections]

I deliberated between following strictly to wake up at 5am or just following the principles of the 20/20/20. After much considerations, I decided to listen to my body and wake up at a suitable timing so that I can prioritise the 20/20/20 strategy.

At the end of the day, it is all about fitting the philosophy into your lifestyle and not just following everything wholesale.

As for my teenage daughter, she commented that the 20/20/20 strategy was refreshing and made her feel ready for the day - since she would have already exercised, journaled and read books within the first hour of waking up. And its only 7 plus in the morning!

She shared that it's beautiful to witness the sunrise and feels energising to wake up with the sun. On usual school days, she is just rushing around to make sure she gets out of the house on time and couldn't really get to enjoy the sunrise.

Things are still manageable at week 2. Now, I am wondering how I am going to continue my challenge next week since I will be travelling and there is no gym in the hotel.

Let's see how I can get creative with my routine and still keep the essence of this 5am Club challenge!

See you at my Week 3 (Day 11 - 15) challenge update next week~

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