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Singapore's First Flower of Crystal  Art Academy Premium Partner School


 caihui the visual artist premium partner school of Flower of Crystal Art Academy Singapore pastel art colour pencil visual storyteller art for expression, connection and compassion

About Caihui

Caihui, founder of Heart In Hand Atelier, aims to provide a creative outlet for everyone, regardless of their art background. She simplifies the painting process into easy-to-understand steps, making art enjoyable and accessible through specially designed proprietary tools and curated course materials.


Caihui believes that art is a powerful tool for self-expression, compassion, and connection to the world around us. She draws inspiration from spirituality and cosmic themes, with a strong influence from Japanese and Singaporean culture and aesthetics. Her preferred mediums are pastels and colour pencils, which she uses to express her inner world through colours and movements. Caihui sees art and life as parallel journeys where surrendering to the process and letting go of expectations is key.


Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in Japanese Studies from the National University of Singapore, Caihui has taught English to local elementary school children in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher under the JET Programme, representing Singapore. She is continually seeking Japanese related job experiences, striving to serve as a bridge between Japan and Singapore.


Caihui has collaborated with art studios and local organisations, participated in public art demonstrations and community events to spread the joy of pastel art, and exhibited her art locally and in Japan. She is Singapore's first Flower of Crystal Art Academy (Japan) Premium Partner School (2021) and a certified Advanced Pastel Nagomi Art Instructor from Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JHPAA).


A firm believer in lifelong learning, Caihui continually improves her art skills by taking short-term courses and learning from artists of various art forms. She also assists Japanese pastel art instructors in translating their lesson materials from Japanese to English and conducts English lessons for those who wish to teach pastel art in English.


Caihui is effectively trilingual in English, Chinese, and Japanese, and has taught students from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan.


Education & Certification

  • 2021 | Premium Partner School, Flower of Crystal Art Academy (Japan)

  • 2021 | Certificate of Participation, Fine Arts Soft Pastel Drawing, Short Course Programme, LASALLE College of the Arts

  • 2020 | Advanced Instructor, Japan Hope Pastel Art Association

  • 2020 | Partner School, Flower of Crystal Art Academy (Japan)

  • 2009 | Level 1, Japanese Language Proficiency Test

  • 2004 | Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Hons), Japanese Studies, Upper Second Class Honours, National University of Singapore


Group Exhibitions 

  • 2024 | “Making Waves 2024”, Singapore Art Week 2024, Visual Arts Centre, Singapore

  • 2023 | “AURORA: No Borders A Twenty-First Century Art Exhibit”, National Art Center Tokyo, Japan

  • 2023 | “At Home with Arts 2023”, Visual Arts Centre, Singapore

  • 2023 | “I Am A Mother! Exhibition”, Design Orchard, Singapore

  • 2022 | “KIRABOSHI: No Borders A Twenty-First Century Art Exhibit”, National Art Center Tokyo, Japan

  • 2021 | Flower of Crystal Art Exhibition, Bansuiso Villa, Matsuyama City, Ehime, Japan

  • 2020 | T-Shirt Art Exhibition, Kuroshio Sunabi Museum, Irino Beach, Sunabi, Kochi, Japan

  • 2019 | “Love Story”, Pastel Nagomi Art Exhibition, Visual Arts Centre, Singapore 

  • 2019 | Faber-Castell Art Festival, Marina Square, Singapore


  • 2023 | Excellence Award for "Emotional Landscape", “AURORA: No Borders A Twenty-First Century Art Exhibit”, National Art Center Tokyo, Japan


Vision & Mission

Art for Expression, Connection & Compassion

Alphabet Cubes


To provide a creative outlet for people to express their heart through their hands

colourful connections


To be a cultural bridge between Singapore and Japan

Love is in the air original design by Caihui Heart in Hand Atelier draw in Japanese style pastel art


To give back to local communities through art

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