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About Caihui

Caihui founded Heart In Hand Atelier to provide a creative outlet in pastel art for everyone regardless of art background. A firm believer that art should be made enjoyable and accessible to everyone, Caihui uses specially designed proprietary tools and carefully curated course materials to break down the painting process into simpler easy-to-understand steps to scaffold the learning.

A people-oriented person, Caihui connects well with participants of all ages. She has collaborated with various art studios and organisations, including SAFRA and NKF. She has also participated in numerous art exhibitions and public art demonstrations to spread the joy of pastel art.


Heart In Hand Atelier is proud to be the first Flower of Crystal Art Academy (Japan) Premium Partner School in Singapore (awarded in May 2021). Caihui is also a certified Advanced Pastel Nagomi Art Instructor from Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JHPAA).

Caihui holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (honours) in Japanese Studies from the National University of Singapore. She is fluent in English, Chinese and Japanese (JPLT1 certified). 

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