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Singapore's First Flower of Crystal  Art Academy Premium Partner School









Flower of Crystal Art


As the first Flower of Crystal  Art Partner School in Singapore, Heart In Hand Atelier is proud to be able to offer the exclusive Meister & Teacher Set. You will save on the certification fees for Meister Course. Upon Set completion, you will receive only the Teacher Certificate. 

If you are keen to collect both Meister and Teacher certificates, please apply for both courses separately.

Course Breakdown:

Ala Carte

Meister Course (SGD360) + Teacher Course (SGD500) = SGD860


Ala Carte total (SGD860) - Meister Certificate Fee of 5,000 yen (SGD70) = SGD790

*Savings of SGD70 from the Meister Certificate fee



Yuuka in Japanese represent gentleness. In this artwork, you will learn the fundamental techniques of creating glow and transparency - signature of Flower of Crystal Art  creations.


WhatsApp Image 2020-06-30 at 6.08.12 PM


Ayaka emphasises the brilliance of colours and the techniques of colour blending in this artwork will enable you to bloom colourful flowers

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-30 at 6.08.12 PM


An intricate artwork filled with depth and layers, you will be taught advanced colour blending and erasing techniques to convey your own Rinka artwork.


Heart In Hand Atelier's Promise

▪︎  Sharing my past mistakes and how to avoid them
▪︎  Troubleshooting and personalised guidance in your artworks
▪︎  Continuous support and information sharing upon graduation in Heart In Hand Atelier exclusive Inner Circle Group!

Included in Zoom Course Fees

▪︎  Certification from Flower of Crystal Art  Academy (Japan)
▪︎  Exclusive Heart In Hand Atelier materials pack

Course Fees:




Materials Required:

Technical Requirements

SGD790 (including certification fee of 10,000 yen for Teacher Course & Heart In Hand exclusive FCA materials pack)

Min. 12 hours (Split over 4 sessions)

Zoom Online (Physical sessions will resume once Covid-19 situation improves)

Some pastel art experience

Basic pastel art materials, craft scissors, pen eraser, pastel art brush. Paper materials will be provided in the materials pack.

Don't have the basic materials? Heart In Hand Atelier Starter Kit is a comprehensive & well curated pastel art kit which can be purchased here 

  • Desktop/ Laptop/ Tablet/ Phone with camera

  • Latest Zoom App to be installed in device

  • Visualiser or 2nd mobile device to log in as camera for artwork progression, OR

  • Phone with camera to take picture of artworks for personalised guidance during online course.

  • Whatsapp or Telegram App to be installed in phone

Upon Course Completion:

1.  Able to conduct FCA workshops (Terms and Conditions apply)

2.  Able to conduct Meister Certification Course

3.  Able to conduct Grandmeister Certification Course that you have completed

4.  Able to apply for Partner School (Terms and Conditions apply)

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