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Reflections on "At Home With Arts 2023": An Artistic Journey Through Motherhood

"At Home With Arts," presented by Home With Art, marked a significant chapter in our artistic venture—a space founded by Doris and myself in March 2023. Our aim was to create a safe haven for aspiring and emerging artists to showcase themselves and build a supportive platform for artists to connect with art enthusiasts. This initiative culminated in an exhibition that transcended the mere display of art, becoming a celebration of connections, mindful exploration, and the transformative power of creativity.

The inaugural show, held from 9th to 13th August 2023, mirrored our company's name, symbolising a collective effort to cultivate a nurturing environment for local emerging talents.

As a participating artist, curator, and organiser, this endeavour was not just professional but deeply personal. What made it even more exhilarating was the presence of my two daughters, joining me on this artistic journey through motherhood as participating artists themselves.

The Artistic Showcase

I presented a total of 12 artworks, a mix of both new and previously exhibited pieces. Here's a glimpse into the collection:

metraton's cube in the backdrop of a galaxy and burning wings with flower of life
Left: Genesis, 2022 | Right: Evolve, 2022

symmetrical orange lines like flames, circle blooms with cascading butterflies, arches of life and rebirth against the galaxy
Left: Resonance, 2022 | Middle: Metamorphosis, 2022 | Right: Renaissance, 2022

colourful lines and waves depicting life and motherhood
Top: Ebb & Flow, 2023 | Left: Emotional Landscape, 2023 | Right: Ripples, 2023

colourful cosmic cliffs and the nebular carina
Wonders of Cosmic Cliffs, 2022

dreamlike flowers of blue, green and red
Left: Cosmic Flower I: Zeus, 2023 | Middle: Cosmic Flower II: Demeter, 2023 | Right: Cosmic Flower III: Ares, 2023

Reflecting on Connections

The support received from family, friends, and fellow artists overwhelmed me. Beyond the canvases and brushstrokes, it was about the invisible threads connecting everyone in mysterious ways. During one of our "Slow Looking" sessions, I shared this observation, curious about how these dots would connect in the future.

Creating Home With Art wasn't solely altruistic; it also served a selfish purpose. As an aspiring artist with minimal track record, I understand the challenges of securing opportunities to showcase. This platform is my way of navigating those challenges and helping others on a similar creative journey.

The Motivation to Create

Participating in exhibitions, with the right theme and organisers, fuels my motivation to create. Inspired by the success of "Emotional Landscape," a piece exploring motherhood and intuitive painting, I ventured into creating two more pieces: "Ripples" and "Ebb & Flow." Here are artwork description of some of the new pieces that haven't been exhibited before:

"Ripples, 2023", Pastel on Paper

An ode to the transformative power of motherhood, "Ripples" celebrates the beauty and complexity of the journey. Each ripple, like a mother's love, creates a unique pattern, touching the world beyond her own children.

"Ebb & Flow, 2023", Pastel on Paper

Inspired by Jupiter's clouds, "Ebb & Flow" symbolises the flux of emotions in motherhood. Delicate pastel strokes capture the dance between resistance and surrender, emphasising the importance of balance for a healthy mind.

"Wonders of Cosmic Cliff, 2022", Pastel on Paper

An ethereal artwork inspired by NASA's James Webb's camera, "Wonders of Cosmic Cliff" recreates the Carina Nebula's cosmic cliffs in pastels. It celebrates the splendour of space, sparking curiosity about our place in the universe.

"Cosmic Flower" Series, 2023, Pastel on Paper

"Cosmic Flower" explores the interplay between life's transience and the cosmos. Named after Greek gods—Zeus, Ares, Demeter—the series invites viewers to contemplate their finite and infinite existence.

Embracing Sporadic Style

My artistic style may seem sporadic, but one thing remains clear—I love exploring colours, weaving life into my works, and inviting viewers to reflect and connect their narratives to my art. I want my pieces to be open-ended, allowing each viewer to find their own stories within them.

While some might argue that my style lacks cohesion for a commercial platform, I see it as an ongoing experiment. Wise advice from mentors encourages me to enjoy this creative journey at my own pace, allowing my art to unfold organically.

The Beauty of Unfolding

As an artist, the joy lies in witnessing life unfold through creations—building something unknown to the world. My art is not just about what I want to convey; it's about what you see in your own life through my creations.

In the realm of experimentation, I find solace, knowing that being an artist means enjoying the journey and allowing art to evolve on its terms.

That's the beauty of being an artist—building the unknown, one stroke at a time.

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