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100 Days of Child's Play: Embracing Imperfection Through Creativity

Ever felt crippled by perfectionism, where the fear of making mistakes stops you from even starting? I certainly have. Following up from my February newsletter on "Embracing Perfectionism", I've decided to embark on a 100-day challenge called "Child's Play," where I'm prioritising playful exploration over picture-perfect results.

This project draws inspiration from the #100daysproject movement, but with a twist: reconnecting with my inner child and embracing the joy of creating without judgement. It's a battle against the overthinking mind that often leads to procrastination. My mantra for this journey?

"I don't need to have all the answers now."

Remember these little gems from last July's #caihuichildsplay?

This piece, born during June holidays with the kids at home, embodies the essence of what I'm calling "Child's Play": a playful exploration of creativity without judgment or pressure.

Back then, it started with a simple desire to create, in the small pockets of time I can find. Soft pastels for the sky, a touch of experimentation with modeling paste – the process unfolded organically, leading to an unexpected result. From clouds emerged blooms, a touch of chinoiserie peeking through.

This experience reaffirmed a powerful truth: creativity thrives in the absence of inhibition. It's about embracing curiosity, letting go of self-judgment, and simply creating for the joy of it.

And that's precisely the spirit behind my current 100-day challenge – a continuation of this "Child's Play" journey, but with a commitment to consistent exploration. Each day, I'll be dedicating myself to creating small artworks, prioritising playful experimentation over picture-perfect results.

Here's a little sharing of my 3 days into the 100-day challenge:

colourful abstract waves with gold ink for #100daysofchildsplay
Day 1 of #100daysofchildsplay

Day 1: I followed my heart, choosing colours that spoke to me. It was a liberating experience, letting go of expectations and simply enjoying the process.

colourful abstract mark making gold ink for #100daysofchildsplay
Day 2 of #100daysofchildsplay

Day 2: Experimentation became the theme! I explored new materials, layering neon pink acrylic gouache with pastels. The unexpected results sparked pure joy.

vibrant warm colours abstract works for #100daysofchildsplay
Day 3 of #100daysofchildsplay

Day 3: The perfectionist within started to creep in (tsk tsk!). I found myself stalling, questioning every step. This is where self-awareness kicks in. I reminded myself to "just take the next step and think later."

Through this challenge, I'm rediscovering the power of:

  • Messing up: Imperfections are stepping stones, not roadblocks.

  • Letting go of control: Allowing intuition to guide the process.

  • Embracing imperfection: Celebrating the beauty of unique creations.

  • Honouring my inner child: Reconnecting with the joy of pure, unadulterated creativity.

  • Experimenting without fear: Stepping outside my comfort zone and embracing the unknown.

The biggest tip to myself?

Keeping it Simple:

  • Small canvas, big possibilities: Bookmark-sized paper keeps the stakes low and encourages exploration.

  • Time-bound creativity: 30 minutes is all it takes to spark joy and avoid overthinking.

  • Preparation is key: Prepping materials the night before removes friction and allows for a smooth start.

Join the Play!

This challenge is more than just art; it's about breaking free from self-doubt and embracing the joy of creation.

Would you like to join me on this journey?

Here's how you can participate:

Grab your supplies: Any creative medium you enjoy – paints, crayons, clay, even writing!

Set your timeframe: Dedicate a small chunk of time each day, even 15 minutes.

Let go of expectations: Focus on the process, not the outcome.

Share your journey: Use the hashtags #100DaysofChildsPlay & #caihuichildsplay and tag me on social media! Heart In Hand Atelier IG Heart In Hand Atelier FB Fancy a peek into my creative process? Head over to my Instagram page and follow along for process video updates! P.S. These little artworks hold a special surprise! I have plans to transform them into a unique project, and my email subscribers will get first dibs! Join my creative community and receive a monthly dose of inspiration, including a beautiful digital wallpaper with an empowering affirmation: Subscribe here

Let's create a space for playful exploration and celebrate the beauty of imperfection together.

Tell me: What project will you unleash your inner child on?

Share your ideas in the comments below!

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