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The unique set of 12 gel ink of 3-D glossy and vibrant colour by Sakura, the inventor of the world's first gel ink ballpoint pen.


The raised ink leaves 3-D stained-glass effect.


Possible to write on non-porous surfaces such as plastics, glass, coated papers and so on.


Leave 3 minutes to dry completely.


Replace the cap tightly after use.


Glossy 12 ink-colors with 0.8 mm ball.

  • 3-D, raised ink effect.
  • Suitable for various surfaces such as paper, plastic etc.
  • Line width: 0.6mm.
  • Available in 12 colours.


12 Colours include: Gloss Yellow, Gloss Orange, Gloss Red, Gloss Pink, Gloss Rose, Gloss Purple, Gloss Turquoise, Gloss Green, Gloss Deep Green, Gloss Hunter Green, Gloss Blue, Gloss Royal Blue.


Made in Japan


Sakura Gelly Roll Glaze (12 Colors)