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  • Extremely strong brilliant saturated colours even with light application. Pure, rich and distinctively unique and balanced vibrant colours.
  • Easy to apply and blend, water colour effect. Colours blend beautifully, smoothly and easily. Apply over with a wet brush to get brilliant water colour effect.
  • Soft yet strong leads. Soft buttery texture pigments. Produce either vivid, bold colours or soft and gentle colours.
  • Clean sharpening. Omni Sharpmerers with Germa-made blades ensure clean sharpening and prevent lead breakages.
  • Break resistant. Special bonding technologuy prevents lead breakage and crumbling.
  • Environmental friendly. Made from 100% well-managed forest wood to preserve the environment.


Tip: Compared to the other brands in the market, the Omni water colour pencils are buttery and smooth to apply. If you are on a tight budget, this set is highly recommended for economical value. Water colour pencils are great for adding details to your pastel artworks compared to regular wax-based colour pencils due to the water soluble properties. 

Omni 36 Watercolour Pencils (Intense)

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